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Probation Violations & Their Consequences

An accusation of probation violation is a serious matter that has the potential to change your whole life. If you are found guilty, you can face the severe penalties associated with your original charge as well as additional penalties and these may result in immediate imprisonment. It is vital you have the help of a Downey criminal attorney to advocate for your rights throughout the legal process in which you are now involved. The right representation can have a significant impact on the short-term and long-term effects of your current situation.

Probation violations can occur in many ways, depending on your specific probation orders. Some common examples of violations include:

  • Failing to complete rehabilitation programs ordered by the court
  • Not carrying out the full term of community service ordered
  • Failing to pay a fine as ordered by the court
  • Experiencing further trouble with the law
  • Skipping any court-ordered alcohol or drug tests
  • Failing to attend your appointments with your probation officer
  • Failing to appear for a scheduled court appearance

Defending Probation Violation Cases in Downey

Cases of alleged probation violation require a very skillful address. The extensive experience of the legal team at the Law Office of James Mendez allows them to address such situations swiftly and strategically. It may have occurred that the accusation was based on false information which can be clarified with the right evidence and legal approach. In other cases, a violation may have occurred due to a misunderstanding which may be able to be resolved without ill effects given the strength of the firm's negotiating skills. No matter the circumstances, the firm will fight for your rights and pursue a positive outcome to your case in which you maintain the freedom you deserve.

Contact a Downey probation violation attorney if you have been accused of violating your probation.

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