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Pre-File Investigations

Pro-Actively Protect Your Rights

If you know or believe that you may be under investigation for a crime, it is crucial that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. You do not have to wait to be arrested or charged with a crime before you can talk to an attorney about your case. By taking early defensive action, you can better protect your rights and your future.

Attorney James Mendez is a former prosecutor who understands how the other side is thinking. He can provide the counsel and guidance you need during this confusing time. When you come to him, you can rest assured that your future is in good hands. The sooner you retain an attorney, the more likely you will be able to secure a favorable outcome. Attorney Mendez can talk with police officers and may even be able to clear up the situation, getting the investigation dropped before an arrest is made. If that is not an option, he can negotiate the best possible outcome for your case.

Why hire an attorney for a per-file investigation?

When you have a Downey criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can trust that your future and reputation are safeguarded. An attorney can also help you understand your rights and ensure that they are not violated throughout the process.

It is important that you remember these crucial factors:

  • You shouldn't discuss details of the case with police
  • You have the right to remain silent
  • Anything you say can be used against you in court
  • You have the right to hire an attorney

While police may try to convince you that it is in your best interest to tell them everything you know about a case, this is certainly not always true. You should exercise your 5th amendment rights when necessary, never giving information that may be misleading or incriminating.

Don't make the mistake of waiting to call a criminal defense attorney until you are arrested or charged with a crime. You don't have to go through this time alone! Contact the Law Office of James Mendez today for a free consultation. They are available 24/7 to provide legal counsel.

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