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Expungement of Your Criminal Record in Downey

When your criminal record is expunged, it means all or a portion of it is wiped clean. Per the California Penal Code, when your record is expunged is releases you from "all penalties and disabilities" that came with your conviction. A permanent criminal record can adversely affect your ability to gain employment, obtain housing and partake in certain educational opportunities.

Expungement, however, can assist you to obtain a state professional license and may help to avoid immigration troubles. In the area of employment, California law prevents an employer from discriminating against you because of prior arrests that did not end in conviction or even ask about arrests that did not result in your being convicted.

There are specific requirements which must be met in order to be eligible for expungement and an experienced Downey criminal defense lawyer from Law Office of James Mendez can explain these in detail and help you through the process.

Who is eligible for an expungement ?

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, you must have successfully completed your probation in order to be eligible to expunge your record. If you had a probation violation, you may still meet the requirements. Your attorney will prepare the necessary legal documents and navigate through a special hearing on the matter. In addition to the probation requirement, you must not be currently charged with a crime or be serving time for an offense. Certain sexual crimes, especially those committed against children, do not permit criminal records to be expunged.

The process of expungement begins with an analysis of your case to find out if you are eligible. As the statutes on eligibility can quickly change, the next step is to review current law to make certain actions will comply with these. Your petition for expungement is properly prepared and filed in a timely manner and Attorney Mendez will skillfully represent you at the expungement hearing.

Once your record is expunged, you can truthfully and legally answer "no" to the question of whether or not you have a criminal record.

Learn the advantages to having your criminal record expunged. Contact a Downey expungement attorney from the firm for details.

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