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Hacienda Heights Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you in trouble with the law in Hacienda Heights?

Are you facing criminal charges? Are you under investigation in a criminal case? The most important action to take is to get a Hacienda Heights criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of James Mendez on your side. The need to protect yourself when you are caught in the criminal justice system cannot be underestimated. The firm's founder, Attorney Mendez, knows this well; he served as Deputy District Attorney for LA County for a decade, prior to establishing his private practice. He now has the depth of understanding and experience in court, from both sides, that allows him to identify the best strategy to employ for the defense. He practices only criminal defense, both for adults in Superior Court or in the defense of minors charged with juvenile crimes.

Criminal Defense Law Firm Serving Hacienda Heights, CA

If you are facing charges in a violent crime, such as assault, domestic violence, or other type of accusation, you should act quickly and contact the firm. An evaluation of the evidence, police procedure, and other evidence is always the first order of business. What if your case has serious flaws? You could have the possibility of having the charges dismissed. You owe it to yourself to have quality representation, no matter what type of charges you are facing, or how hopeless you could believe the case is. He knows what to look for to make room for reasonable doubt. He defends a wide range of drug crimes, as well as all levels of DUI, including criminal accusations of hit and run. His firm fights for the defense in all types of felonies and misdemeanors. He also offers legal representation for those who are seeking an expungement. He defends dangerous probation violations, sexual crimes, and charges related to theft, such as burglary, robbery shoplifting and others.

Don't take any chances when you are looking for a criminal lawyer to fight for you. Experience and skill at trial are extremely important. This is not the time to choose an attorney that is just starting out, or has little trial experience. You want to know that absolutely everything will be done to identify the best strategy, to present the case persuasively, or to fight for any benefit that could be possible, whether a reduced bail, sentence or charge. He is prepared to discuss your case immediately; don't wait until it progresses further through the system. Get help now.

Contact a Hacienda Heights criminal attorney from our firm for high quality, aggressive defense counsel for your case.

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