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Two Police Officers Killed by Santa Cruz Man with a Sex Crime Record

In Santa Cruz, J.G. was killed this week after killing two police officers who stepped into his home to question him about an alleged sexual assault. J.G. was allegedly interviewed for 20 minutes before drawing his .45 caliber gun and killing the two detectives. Sheriff Phil Wowak reported that, "The detectives had absolutely no chance to protect themselves or return fire. They barely had time to turn and run."

After killing the two officers, J.G. had fled in the deceased detectives' car. He was wearing body armor, carrying the deceased detectives' guns and had on him a passport and an airplane ticket to New Mexico. J.G. had a criminal history (he had been arrested multiple times for sex-related crimes) and was killed in a shootout near his home, by police who had pursued him.

Following the police murders by former policeman Christopher Dorner, the Santa Cruz police chief called this incident, "devastating." The mayor of Santa Cruz echoed these words saying, "The loss is unimaginable."

Under California law, the murder of police officers is an aggravated offense. In our state, you could be sentenced to the death penalty if you are convicted of murdering a "…a government employee, including peace officers, police officers, federal agents, firefighters, judges, jurors, defense attorneys, and prosecutors, in the course of his or her duties."

Downey has a crime index of 17. Annually, approximately 396 violent crimes are committed and 3.52 annual crimes are reported per 1,000 residents (you can find out more by visiting

Are you a resident of Downey, or the surrounding area, in legal trouble? Whether you are accused of committing a violent crime or a sex crime, you can secure legal representation today. No one should feel defenseless and alone. Don't make matters worse by taking them into your own hand.

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After you have been charged with a criminal offense, I am the kind of advocate you want in your corner. To learn more about my experience handling criminal cases, click here to check out my Attorney Profile.

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