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Juvenile Crimes and the Justice System

Our criminal justice system recognizes the need for different methods of prosecution and sentencing for juveniles and adults. The adult system tends to focus on punishment of offenders while the juvenile justice process works on treatment and rehabilitation.

The same penal codes apply to both juveniles and adults. This means that persons under the age of 18 can be charged with infractions, misdemeanors or felonies, just as an older person would be.

Common Juvenile Crimes and Their Penalties

Juvenile Infractions

Motor vehicle violations are commonly thought of as infractions and are usually resolved through the payment of a fine. Exceptions would be offenses which cause bodily harm or property damage, such as a hit and run.

Juvenile Misdemeanors

Misdemeanors are more serious crimes which can result in a fine, probation and time spent in either a juvenile facility or jail. Some theft crimes, DUI offenses or assault would normally fall under the category of a misdemeanor.

Juvenile Felonies

Many drug or sexual offenses or crimes of violence are classed as felonies. These are punished by sentencing to a state institution, such as a Youth Authority facility or an adult prison. In some cases, the probation department or a district attorney will petition the court to have a youth tried as an adult.

Protect Your Child's Future - Hire a Criminal Attorney in Downey

It is vital to retain an experienced Downey criminal attorney who knows and has had success in the juvenile justice system. The rules and procedures of juvenile court are not the same as in adult court and an inexperienced attorney can make costly errors in the defense of your child. Law Office of James Mendez understands the intricacies and laws pertaining to the prosecution of juveniles and how their rights can be protected.

If you child has been accused of a crime, they will need someone to stand with them throughout the process. Conviction on a juvenile crime can affect not only their life as it currently stands but their future as well. The firm focuses strictly on criminal defense and has successfully resolved thousands of cases for our clients over the years.

Has your child been charged with a juvenile offense? Contact a Downey juvenile crime lawyer for experienced legal help today.

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