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Downey Hit and Run Attorney

Hit and Run Offenses in Downey

Hit and run is known as a "wobbler" offense in that it can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or felony. If your hit and run incident involved property damage only, it will normally be charged as a misdemeanor. You will be charged with a felony when the hit and run caused serious bodily harm or death to another. Those accused of hit and run can also be sued in civil court by the victim, making them liable for the damages and injury that was caused.

When a driver immediately leaves the scene of an accident and does not take care of his or her legal responsibilities at an accident scene, they can be charged with hit and run, regardless of who caused the situation in the first place. Prosecutors, judges and juries may view your actions in a bad light which can affect your case.

Law Office of James Mendez offers honest, practical and dedicated legal advice to those in need of criminal defense. With thousands of criminal cases behind him, Attorney Mendez have the experience and knowledge only a Downey criminal defense lawyer possesses in order to provide the attention and commitment your case deserves.

Penalties for Hit & Run

Conviction on a misdemeanor hit and run charge can result in payment of up to $1,000 in fines, loss of 2 points on your driving record, 3 years of informal probation and 6 months in a county jail. You may, as well, have to pay restitution for the property damage that was done.

If you are convicted of felony hit and run, you face the same penalties as a misdemeanor in terms of points on your driving record and restitution to the victim. In addition, your fines can run as steep as $10,000 and you will have to serve either 1 year in the county jail or be incarcerated in a state prison for up to 3 years. You can have an additional 5 years added to your prison sentence if there are certain aggravated circumstances to your hit and run.

When you have been charged with hit and run, you need all the advantages you can get in order to maximum your chances for a favorable outcome. By contacting Attorney Mendez, you get the experience of a UCLA Law Graduate as well as a former L.A. Deputy District Attorney to work aggressively on your behalf.

Contact a Downey hit and run attorney for committed legal defense against hit and run charges.

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