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Downey Domestic Violence Lawyer

Spousal Abuse Charges in Downey

In our state, domestic violence is also commonly called "spousal abuse." It is an assault offense that is punished by severe fines and other penalties. Domestic violence charges go beyond what is done to a spouse and cover abuse of a child who is related to you, a cohabitant or former cohabitant, a former spouse, someone you have had a child with or even a person you are dating or had a dating relationship with. A second degree blood relation, such as a grandparent, also falls under domestic violence offenses.

Willfully or recklessly trying to bring about bodily harm to one of the persons mentioned above is domestic violence. If an individual places a spouse or other relation in a situation where they feel that bodily harm will come to them, they can also be charged with this crime.

Having provided successful criminal defense for thousands, Law Office of James Mendez stands ready to provide proven defenses to the charges against you. An accomplished Downey criminal attorney knows how to properly investigate domestic violence situations to show what actually occurred in the incident.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Downey

Domestic violence crimes can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or felony. The specific circumstances and results of the incident will determine how it is charged. This is one of the first areas where Attorney Mendez can work to defend your rights, by striving to get the charges against you reduced, if they cannot be dismissed altogether. Those who are convicted of domestic violence face having to attend a domestic batterer's class, perform service to the community, the payment of large fines and serve time in jail or prison. Conviction can also become part of a permanent criminal record.

At times, a person can be accused of domestic violence out of jealousy, anger or even as leverage in a divorce case or child custody proceedings. A person acting in self-defense can be charged with domestic violence and sometimes a misunderstanding can cause accusations to be incorrectly made.

Attorney Mendez uses the knowledge gained as a former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney to see what evidence the prosecutor will bring in your case and is committed to telling your side of the story. He provides cost-effective legal services to the community.

Contact a Downey domestic violence lawyer for experienced help if you face prosecution.

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