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Breath and Blood Tests - Challenging the Evidence

If you have already been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you have been subjected to testing. The laws in California grant an 'implied consent' right to law enforcement to take either breath, urine or blood samples after a DUI arrest. These tests must be administered by a trained officer who is using properly calibrated or sterilized equipment, and there is a real possibility that the readings are inaccurate. There are many cases in which the equipment is not properly calibrated or when the personnel administering the tests have not been trained in the scientifically accepted method to correctly administer either blood or breath tests. Further, blood specimens can be contaminated by other agents such as the alcohol in the cleansing swab. Alcohol in mouthwash could potentially skew breathalyzer readings. What happened in your case? Let our firm find out.

Attorney James Mendez has comprehensive understanding of how DUI cases are prosecuted due to his years of experience as an LA County District Attorney. He knows the inaccuracies that are possible in the testing of body fluids and gases and his knowledge of the science behind breath and blood tests has proven to be very valuable in defending his clients.

Falsely Accused of DUI in Downey?

If you suffer from acid reflux disease or were experiencing a simple case of heartburn, your results could be falsely high. People with undetected diabetes or who have been strictly following a low carbohydrate diet can have a false reading of blood alcohol due metabolic abnormalities. Taking blood test hours after an arrest can give a much higher reading then at the time of arrest.

In California you do not have a right to refuse these tests due to the implied consent law. You do have a right to a criminal defense lawyer that has the scientific knowledge and insight to challenge incompetent, inaccurately administered test results that can potentially put you behind bars and cost your reputation, as well as your legal right to operate a vehicle. Contact us today so we can help you fight these charges.

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