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Criminal Defense Lawyer in the San Fernando Valley

Aggressive Defender for Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses

Law enforcement in the San Fernando Valley is on the alert for criminal activities taking place throughout the cities in the area. These highly committed law enforcement officers take great pride in arresting any person that they believe is engaged in a criminal act, and when the case goes to trial, the prosecutor and law enforcement work as a team to pursue a conviction. That does not mean they are always correct in the person that they arrest, or that all of their actions are within the restrictions of the law. Overzealous officers could make mistakes; rights are violated. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged, it is imperative that you get representation from a San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of James Mendez.

Attorney Mendez formerly served as the Deputy District Attorney for the county. He has gained a great depth of knowledge serving in that capacity that can benefit those who are facing criminal charges. With 10 years of trial experience as a prosecutor prior to opening his private practice, there are few law firms that can offer this degree of experience and knowledge about the criminal justice process. He has now turned his legal training to assisting those who need the help the most - people who are facing criminal charges in the San Fernando Valley.

His firm only practices in the area of criminal defense, and do not get involved in other areas of the law. This allows the attorney to be focused on defending criminal cases, and to develop resources to support any criminal accusations. If you or your loved one is facing accusations in an offense such as assault, burglary, domestic violence, or in drug crimes, you will be well served to contact the office and discuss your case. There may be evidence or issues with your case that could lead to a dismissal. Errors in police procedure, search and seizure, the arrest or even the police stop should all be evaluated. This is also true in charges of DUI, whether misdemeanor or felony. The firm can also assist those who are seeking an expungement. The attorney defends a range of felonies, as well as hit and run, all types of juvenile crimes, misdemeanors, and probation violations. Those who face criminal accusations in sexual crimes must have the highest quality trial lawyer working for defense without delay. Contact the firm at once in such a case. He also defends a variety of theft offenses, from shoplifting through to the most serious of theft crimes such as robbery.

San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

It is a great risk to entrust a defense case to any criminal lawyer that does not have extensive trial experience and a proven record in court. Attorney Mendez offers the quality of defense counsel that is truly necessary if you hope to fight back effectively in court. The process of defending a case begins immediately after the arrest, or prior to the arrest in cases in which criminal investigators are interested in you as a suspect in an investigation. Don't wait - contact the firm now.

Contact a San Fernando Valley criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of James Mendez today.

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